Picture of trees in natureWould you like help to experience more of the outdoors with someone to accompany you?

The benefits of walking, and fresh air, are well known and it is often recommended by doctors to help maintain a healthy heart and to promote well-being.

We provide a service to assist people with walks in the local park or the countryside, to visit places of interest and local attractions, or to spend a couple of hours out for lunch. We can also provide a sit-in companionship service for someone who wants to stay in, or to allow their carer some time out, and we can help with domestic tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals and shopping.

Bluebell Woods

We realised there are many people who would like to be able to experience the outdoors, and enjoy it’s benefits, but who need some help with it, and there are many carers who need regular breaks from their caring role. So we set up this service. We are based in Marple Bridge in Stockport and can provide our service in a wide surrounding area.

We can tailor carer assisted walks or visits to your needs and ability and you can choose where you want to go, or we can suggest places to visit. It could be anything from a couple of hours, half a day or even a whole day out.

Contact Alison or Peter, using our contact form, to arrange an outing, to discuss your needs and preferences or, if you would like to arrange to meet up with us for an informal chat we will be happy to do so.

Phone: 0161 427 4481, 07891 455331(Alison), 07505 460761(Peter)

email: info@outdoorcompanionship.co.uk – click on the Contact link at the top of this page