Reiki Healing benefits people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

You may have heard of Reiki as a healing practice. It is a gentle, yet powerful form of healing utilising subtle energies to bring about health and well-being for the receiver. As well as being a partner in Outdoor Companionship with my wife Alison, I practice Reiki, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Healing, and have experience of using Reiki, as well as the other practices, with a dementia sufferer. It has the effect of inducing deep relaxation and a sense of well-being, which is of great benefit to anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s as insecurity and agitation are common states affecting them. This more relaxed state of course has a knock-on, beneficial effect for any carer who is with them. I found that after giving the treatments the person was much calmer and, rather than experiencing her usual concerns, appeared to be more in the moment and happy. Reiki is not only beneficial for emotional states but also for physical ailments: so the person with dementia receiving a Reiki treatment will also experience improvements in their physical health.

You can contact me to book a treatment or to find out more here:

Peter Fulcher

Outdoor Companionship’s First Hand Experience of the Benefits of Walking

We recently received some news about a gentleman we have been taking out walking every week for the past year. His wife was very pleased to tell us that he had some tests back from his doctor which showed that his blood pressure had come down to a normal level, his cholesterol level had reduced to normal and his blood sugar levels were also showing a normal reading. She also told us that, as there hadn’t been any other particular lifestyle changes other than the regular walking, the doctor was sure that it must be this that has helped him to make such a great improvement to his health.

We sometimes read about the health benefits of walking but it’s great to get feedback like this from someone we take out for walks. It really can make such a positive difference to people’s lives.

Hooray for walking!

Carer Information Day at Stockport Town Hall – 11th June 2013

We will have a stall at this event. Come and say hello if you’re there.

Carer Information Day
Tuesday 11 June 2013
10am to 3pm
Stockport Town Hall Ballroom
Stockport SK1 3XE
If you are a carer, come along to this free event where you can collect information and advice about a whole range of services from over 60 stalls
Please phone 0161 442 0442
For more information
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Outdoor Companionship’s First Year Anniversary!

Picture of Peter and AlisonToday is Outdoor Companionship’s first year anniversary. We have been featured in the Manchester Evening News, Greater Manchester Business Week, the Stockport Express, the Stockport Times and the Stockport Council Newsletter. We are also going to be on Pure Radio 107.8 fm. We’ve had a great first year. Thank you to all of our clients and our family and friends who have supported us and also to the people who have invited us to talk about our service at the Alzheimer’s Society ‘walk and talk’ group, The Meadows in Offerton and the Stroke Unit at Stepping Hill Hospital. We find our work so rewarding and we know that we make such a positive difference to people’s lives. We look forward to an exciting and successful year ahead. Alison and Peter.